Activities of this experience.
Transportation from the hotels.
Departure from the community tours office in Tulum.
Check-in and breakfast in the center of Muyil.
Visit to the chiclero camp.
Hike along the interpretive trail.
Transfer from the chiclero camp to the Muyil lagoon.
Boat ride and floatation of the natural channel.
Walk in the Community Center.
Back to Tulum.
What does this experience contain?
Transportation from your hotel to the Old Canal.
Native Guide (Mayan, Spanish, English, Italian and French).
Lockers to store your belongings during the activity.
Box lunch and light lunch to be active at the end of the activity.
Entrance bracelets to the Sian Ka'an biosphere reserve, visit to the community museum.
visit to the archaeological site of Muyil and boat ride through the lagoons, floating channel.
Bring a bottle of water, remember to stay hydrated during the expedition
A towel to dry off after a dip in the old canal of our Mexican land.
A cap or hat to protect you from the sun.
Sunscreen to protect your skin from the UV rays emitted by the sun (only in case you have sensitive skin).
We recommend the use of sunglasses.
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Enjoy a little-known Mayan legacy that played an extremely important role in Mayan culture, because this was an organic plastic that served from purposes for the elaboration of work tools to for cosmetic purposes and you can not miss the visit to Sian Ka'an to the flotation channels.

Discover a little-known Mayan legacy that played an extremely important role in the Mayan culture, as this was an organic plastic that was used from the production of work tools to cosmetic purposes, to later enjoy the Laguna Muyil and Chunyaxché.
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