This experience.
In the company of local guides, you can enjoy flotation, a nature-based activity that immerses you in a unique experience.

A few minutes away from Tulum, the UNESCO World Heritage site, awaits a world of discovery. Here, you can explore the ancient canals of the Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve, marvel at the landscapes, and refresh yourself in the freshwater channel.

Mayan immersion is a profound encounter with the essence of Mexico and its natural treasures. It is an invitation to leave behind the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immerse yourself in the beauty and power of nature. Through Mystika and flotation, you can experience the magic of connecting with Mayan cosmology and find harmony with your surroundings.

So, if you're looking for a unique sensory experience, full of mysticism and connection with nature, the Mayan immersion is the perfect choice. Dive into this adventure and let yourself be carried away by the beauty and spirituality of the Mayan natural sanctuaries while creating unforgettable memories.
Activities of this experience.
Pick-up Tulum.
Welcome to the Mystica Immersion Museum.
Departure to Muyil.
Use of restrooms in Muyil.
Transfer from Muyil Dock.
Visit to the Ancient Canals of Sian Ka'an.
Return to Muyil for lunch.
Departure to Tulum.
What does this experience include?
Transportation throughout the entire experience.
Native guide (Maya, Spanish, English, Italian, and French).
Food at the end of the activity (please notify us if you have any allergies or if you prefer vegetarian food).
Tickets / Entry wristband.
Life jackets.
Stay hydrated by bringing a water bottle with you during the experience.
Keep an open mind and be receptive to the sensory and spiritual aspects of the experience..
Respect the natural environment and follow any guidelines or instructions provided by the native guide.
Lastly, cherish the moments and create unforgettable memories during your Mayan immersion experience.
Mayan Mystical Immersion at Sian Ka'an
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Mayan immersion is a truly unique sensory experience designed to transport the participant on a journey of connection with Mayan cosmology, Mexico's most breathtaking natural sanctuaries, and the spiritual power of horses. In this experience, Mystika comes to life to offer a captivating journey.
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